Potential Sarasota Quay developer seeks extension

Potential Sarasota Quay developer seeks extension

Sarasota Quay Land - Owned by Irish Government

Sarasota Quay Land – Owned by Irish Government

By Ian Cummings

A Jacksonville company has said it will revive a long dormant plan for a major hotel and condominium development at the former Sarasota Quay, but it needs the city to give it more time.

The plan, calling for hundreds of condos, a hotel, restaurants, offices and retail space on the valuable 14-acre waterfront property, was approved by the city back in 2007.

But it has been delayed for years as the land changed hands during the Great Recession, and the development agreement with the city will expire in 2017.

Meanwhile, the project is not even close to getting started. The Jacksonville developer, GreenPointe Holdings LLC, is contracted to buy the land and build on it, but is asking the city to change the zoning code to extend the life of the development agreement.

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