Apartments: Building Beyond Amenities

Apartments: Building Beyond Amenities

By John M. Huskey, president of Meta Housing Corp.

Representative Apartment Community - pic via

Representative Apartment Community – pic via

Is there a pool? As a multifamily developer, we know this question well. Amenities are essential in today’s apartment communities, as renters continue to evolve their needs and wants based on ever-growing lifestyles.

But a new question has emerged which pushes beyond the now-standard pool and fitness center: How can we offer features that go beyond basic apartment amenities?

As family and senior housing specialists for over 20 years, Meta Housing Corp. has been asking and answering this question repeatedly. The result is an ever-evolving group of apartment communities which feature not only the luxury amenities today’s renter might expect, but also a series of activities and programming that enrich the lives of our residents.

For example, in our family housing projects, we discovered that we can significantly improve total resident satisfaction by providing both a place and opportunity for primary school kids to engage in safe, after-school learning opportunities. Over time, we have expanded this insight into ongoing after-school mentoring programs which are offered at no additional cost to our renters.

The benefits of these programs were immediately apparent. Children living in our apartments now have a safe, positive environment in which to spend after-school time, in many instances keeping them away from risky situations and associations. In addition, participants in these programs experience increased confidence at school, which helps to improve their overall performance as students.

As a developer, the success of these programs meant an evolution of common areas. Once we knew the programs were working, we began to design spaces for these specific activities…

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  1. Lifestyle segmentation is not just a marketing concept. Amenities are becoming more and more important to consumers, although sometimes it is difficult to quantify the value in the short term. It’s a long-term analysis.

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