Real Estate Wants / Needs — 11/6/2012

Real Estate Wants / Needs — 11/6/2012

CRE at NAI with Sean Dreznin

* I have 4 strong buyers seeking downtown Sarasota properties. They are savvy owners who will pay fair prices for quality properties. If you own a property, have a listing, know someone… please let me know, contact me or get me the data, as these 4 individual buyers are ready, willing and able.

* I have numerous apartment investors seeking solid investments. Looking for fair prices.


* I need apartment owners who want to sell. I am working with a few currently and have some product to sell if you are looking or have someone looking, but will need confidentiality signed.

* I need foreclosure opportunities. I am tied into a strong corporate purchaser who is looking for foreclosure residential properties.

* I need cell phone tower leases. I am working with a purchaser of cell phone tower leases. They are looking to acquire. Let me know if you are interested.


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